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 Edgemate Stone Tools
Engineers Innovative, Dependable,
Portable Tools for the Stone Industry 

SinkBot Portable CNC Router

SinkBot CNC

Portable CNC for sink cutouts. Increase your productivity with less labor and greater accuracy. Minimize your stone handling and use the SinkBot CNC to cut your sink holes on your polishing benches. 

Edgemate 100 C-Arm Polisher

Edgemate 100

Portable c-arm machine that will shape and polish ripple free edges. Great for your large islands,
L-shaped tops and backsplashes. Polish a saw cut edge on a dark stone at one foot per minute.

Sinkmate System

Sinkmate Tools

Portable tools for cutting sink holes guided by a template clamped to the stone. Saw blade following a template is the fastest method to cut any sink hole. Cut a Kohler 2210 in 3 minutes and be ready for pads.

Sinkmate Euro-Miter Bandit RB2

Seaming Jig for Euro-Miters 

Create invisible seams for your L-shaped tops. Use the Bandit RB2 and the Seaming Jig to create the perfect Euro-miter 

Prowler Ogee Edger

Prowler Ogee Edging Machine

Use the Prowler router to increase your square foot price with premium edges. Shape and polish an ogee edge at 8 feet/hour with no ripples

Custom Edgers for stone

Custom Portable Machines

Edgemate Stone Tools has over 15 years of experience in machine manufacturing, making custom machines for special projects


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