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Sinkmate Euro-Miter Bandit RB2

  Edgemate Euro-Miter Jig has two matching templates with adjustable fences. The templates were designed for use with the Sinkmate Bandit RB2. The Euro-Miter Jig will create perfect invisible seams for your L-shaped tops

--  Edgemate Euro-Miter jig will create a 45 degree seam on an inside corner curving to the left or right and continues in a straight line to the back of the countertop 
--  The Euro-Miter System has adjustable fences to change the length of the 45 degree line for larger profiled edges
--  The temeplates can also be adjusted for an inside corner that is greater or less than 90 degrees
--  Use the long straight edge of the templates and create an invisible seam on a straight countertop

Sinkmate Bandit RB2

The turn of the leadscrew on Bandit's pivoting arm with the rotating collar changes the distance between the drum and the template.
Each full turn of this leadscew will move the drum less than 1/32". This fine adjustment will allow you to run finer grit abrasives guided by the template.

Sinkmate Bandit RB2

The operator cleaning up a sink hole has a clear view of the dots on the rotating collar. The rotating collar will not start turning until it makes contact to the template. So when the collar starts to rotate, the operator has removed enough stone

Sinkmate Bandit RB2

Adjust this set screw and you can slightly pitch the drum so it cuts a slight bevel on the stone edges. This bevel will allow the very top of the two stone pieces to make contact first and creates a slight gap below for the glue when the pieces are pulled together.

  • Dimensions Template 1  --  48" L x 17" W
  • Dimensions Template 2 -- 42" L x 17" W    
  • Templates  weight --  20 lbs
  • Offset range --  0-2"
  • Drum size --  2" (50 mm) diameter

Machine Description

      The Edgemate Euro-Seam Jig has two matching templates with adjustable fences. The same templates are used with the Sinkmate Bandit RB2. The fabricator will need a 2” diameter 30-40 grit diamond plated drum, finer 2” 60-80 grit sintered or plated diamond drum and two or more c-clamps.
     The two templates are designed to create a 45 degree miter from in an inside corner that curves to the left or right and continues in a straight line to the back of the countertop.
     The first template has a concave shape that will create an offset seam line that will be parallel to the front edge of the first countertop.
     The second template has a convex shape which will create the seam line for the second countertop. The second countertop’s length will measure the distance to the inside corner plus the size of the offset. The size of the offset is adjustable in ½” increments by the location of the fences on the templates. The second template also has a feature to allow the fabricator the ability to angle the template for a inside corner that is greater or less than 90 degrees.
     The Edgemate Euro-Miter Jig also comes with a gauge block that will aid in drawing the cut line for the concave countertop. The second side of the gauge block has a 7/16” distance to measure the template's edge and the finished milled seam.


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