Custom Edgers and Saws

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Custom Edger and Polisher

  For almost 15 years, Edgemate Stone Tools has designed and built portable tools for the stone, concrete, and glass industries. 

This includes:
--  Custom edge polisher for a glass monument on the mall in Washington D.C.
--  Custom edge polishers with 7" grinders to hone the edge on precast concrete panels for the Apple building in Cupertino 
--  Custom self-propelled saw to cut arcs for precast concrete
--  Custom curved tracks for the Edgemate 100
to do edge work for park benches 
Circle machine with variable speed turntable and adjustable bracket to hold a gravity fed saw and an Edgemate 100 polisher for edging.

Custom Polisher

Custom Polisher designed to shape and polish a 8" radius bookend on 4" thick glass

Self-propelled 14" Concrete Saw

Self-propelled concrete saw to step cut a curve on precast concrete panels

7"-8" Large Grinder Polisher

Large 7" Makita GA7021 grinder with 8" cupwheel and polishing pads to cut and polish large apron concrete countertops

Circle machine

Circle machine with gravity fed saw with a variable speed turn table, then edge polished with the Edgemate 100.


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