Bandit RB2

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Bandit RB2

--  Bandit is guided by the same template that Chopper and Tracker run on.
--  Bandit will clean up any stone that Chopper's blade couldn't reach.
--  Bandit's rotating base plate collar is adjustable to change the distance between the drum and the template. This will let you change the size of a sink hole using the same template and will also allow you to adjust as the diameter of the polishing drum becomes smaller.
-- Bandit uses metal and resin finer grit drums without rub-bearings
--  With the Euro-Template, Bandit will let you create invisible Euro-Miter seams .

Sinkmate Bandit RB2 leadscrew

The turn of the leadscrew on Bandit's pivoting arm with the rotating collar changes the distance between the drum and the template.
Each full turn of this leadscew will move the drum less than 1/32". This fine adjustment will allow you to run finer grit abrasives guided by the template.

Sinkmate Bandit RB2 rotating collar

The operator cleaning up a sink hole has a clear view of the  dots on the rotating collar.  The rotating collar will not start turning until it makes contact to the template. So when the collar starts to rotate, the operator has removed enough stone.

Sinkmate Bandit RB2 stainless ball caster

Bandit rolls easily on custom made stainless steel ball casters. These ball casters have a washout feature to keep them clean and rolling.

  • Dimensions --  14" L x 11" W x 7" H    
  • Machine weight --  14 lbs
  • Motor --  Makita 9564CV
  • Drum size --  2" (50 mm) diameter
  • Motor rpms / amps --   2800-10500 / 12amps

Machine Description

     Bandit RB2 is a variable speed router. Bandit was designed to clean up and polish the sink hole following the same template as Chopper and Tracker. The base of the router has a rotating collar that follows the template guiding the abrasive drum at a set distance from the template. The set distance is adjustable with a leadscrew. This patent pending design allows the fabricator to control the finer grit abrasive drums that are metal or resin type without a rub bearing. This collar following the template prevents the operator from rippling up the stone's edge. This design also allows the fabricator to adjust the size of the sink cutout using the same template and also adjust for the changing diameter of the diamond drum, as it becomes smaller due to wear. Bandit rolls on stainless steel ball casters. These ball casters will roll freely even when there is stone slurry on the template. These ball casters don't need a slick plastic surface to roll on. Therefore, this allows the fabricator to use less expensive, easier to machine 1/2" thick plywood for the template material.  


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