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Sinkmate System

The Sinkmate System is the fastest method for cutting sink holes. The Sinkmate CS6 or TS8 cuts using a saw blade guided by a template and is accurate making it the fastest method for cutting sink holes. 

--  Fast - Cut a 3 cm oval sink in less than 3 minutes
--  Drop a 60/40 kitchen sink in less than 10 minutes
--  Cut sink holes wet and eliminate the dust in your shop
--  Sinkmate is the lowest-cost method for sink cutouts
--  No expensive finger bits! Save money on abrasive costs. 

Sinkmate Chopper CS6

Chopper CS6

Chopper CS6 uses a 6" contour saw blade. Chopper will cutout your round and oval sinks. Chopper will also cutout the corners of rectangular sinks


Sinkmate Tracker TS8

Tracker TS8

Tracker TS8 uses 8" standard turbo saw blade. Tracker will step cut the straight and even curved lines following a template for your rectangular sinks.


Sinkmate Bandit RB2

Bandit RB2

Bandit RB2 uses 2" drums. Bandit was designed to clean up and polish the sink hole following the same template as Chopper and Tracker.
Bandit can also create Euro-Miter seams.
Link -> Euro-Miter Templates


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