Prowler Ogee Edger

  Edgemate Prowler is a portable edging machine that will shape and polish your ogee and concave profiles using CNC router bits. 

-- Edgemate Prowler will create ripple free edges
-- Using router bits with no rub or toucher bearings, will prevent the bearing area on the stone from cutting a groove into the polishing bits.
-- Prowler will have the least skilled guy in your shop doing 10 feet of polished ogee edge in 50 minutes

Call for Pricing

  • Dimensions --  24" W x 25" D x 22"H   
  • Machine weight --  72 lbs
  • Motor --  Makita GA7021
  • Spindle arbor size --  7/8" and 35 mm
  • Spindle rpms / amps -- 3000 / 15amps

Machine Description

The Edgemate Prowler is the industry’s fastest way to manually produce shaped and polished ogee edges. The polished ogee edge is ripple free and created with no skill and less work than other manual methods. Let the Edgemate Prowler help you give your customers premium edges that you will produce faster, making you more money. The Edgemate Prowler will allow you to bid jobs with premium edges without the fear of quoting it too low for the time involved. No more explaining to the customer why the edge feels rippled.


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