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Edgemate 100

Edgemate 100 C-Arm Polisher

Portable C-arm machine will create machine quality, polished profiled edges using a cup wheel and polishing pads for any radius roundovers, bevels and flats.

--  Flat polish dark 3 cm stone at 4 feet in 4 minutes
--  Setup a bench and 12 foot track for your backsplashes
--  Use Edgemate 100 to do 6 cm fireplaces and islands
--  Grind back glued up edges and keep the book match
--  Edgemate 100 machines are still going after 15 years
--  Dust free, no router bits, easy to use

  • Edgemate 100
  • Makita 9564CV SJS angle grinder
  • 3 Tracks   144",  88",  56" 
  • 2 Track Clamps and Calibrator
Edgemate 100 Left Side

The portable Edgemate 100 will create a ripple free machine quality polish for your L-shaped and bat wing tops.   

Edgemate 100 Right Side

With hundreds of machines in service, the lightweight impact resistant plastic structure has proven durable with machines still going after 15 years

Edgemate 100 Top View

Also available with a Makita GA5040C 240 volt 50 hz for international customers.

Edgemate 100 Track Clamps & Calibrator

The calibrator measures the distance between the front edge of the track and stone edge to be profiled. Custom clamps to hold the track down and in place. 

Edgemate 100 Specifications

  • Edgemate 100 Dimensions --  24"L x 25"W  x 25"H 
  • Edgemate 100 machine weight -- 70 lbs
  • Track Lengths --  4.9' ,  7.3' , 12' 
  • 12'  Track Weight --  38 lbs
  • Edgemate 100 grinders -- Makita 9564CV, 9565CV, GA5040C
  • Different Edges --  1/8"-2" Radius roundover, 1-10 cm Bullnose, Bevels, Bookend, Demi-Bullnose,


  1. ) How can the Edgemate 100 do so many different profile types and sizes? -- The profile and sizes are determined by the placement of the track's location and the height of the c-arms. You need to position the focal point of the c-arm to match the focal point of the desired radius profile. For example, for a 1/4" inch radius roundover, the focal point of the c-arm will be 1/4 inch down from the top face of the stone and 1/4 inch in from the edge of the stone. For a bullnose, the focal point will be in the center of the thickness of the stone and half the thickness from the edge of the stone. After the machine is set up, the cup wheel is set to a fixed depth so when it travels down the c-arm and creates the desired radius profile.
  2.  How small of a piece can you do from front edge to back?  --  It depends on the desired edge you want. With a radius round over (like on a backsplash) where the spindle travel is 0-90 degrees, the piece could be as small as 2 inches in height. The table needs to support the work piece and a scrap piece of stone needs to support the track. With an edge requiring greater than 90 degrees of travel (beyond a flat edge), the piece will need to be a minimum of 6 inches in depth, with a scrap piece of stone used to support the track.
  3. How long does it take to learn how to run the machine? -- Most operators learn within a couple of hours and are producing high quality work that same day. 
  4. Why are you using an angle grinder for the spindle motor? --  Being a portable machine, we wanted it to run on 115 volts. An angle grinder has a lot of power for its size and weight, and is also inexpensive. We also wanted the machine to be easily repaired in the field so there is no down time in the shop.
  5. How long does the spindle motor (angle grinder) last? --  The longevity of the spindle depends on the type of work. Grinding back laminated glued-up edges will be less compared doing backsplashes. The feedback is vast from 6 months to 2 years.
  6. What kind of maintenance does the the machine require? --  This will depend on the work the machine is doing and air quality in the shop. Lightly oil the chain whenever the chain feels rougher than normal (typically in 6 months). Then keep the splash shield close to the stone to keep the slurry off the machine. 

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