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Chopper CS6

Sinkmate Chopper CS6

--  Chopper is guided by a template, which allows you full control of the 6" contour blade cutting on the line.
--  Chopper is designed to step cut the stone. This method keeps the blade from binding and allows the blade to cut at its optimum speed.
-- At full depth, the machine is designed so the blade's angle is cutting the sink hole's edge vertical on the finished side of the sink hole.*
* The sink hole's edge becomes less vertical when the radius corner gets tighter.

Sinkmate Chopper CS6

Chopper's wrap around handle bar gives the operator full control of the machine as it travels 360 degrees around a sink template.

Sinkmate Chopper CS6

With a squeeze of the handles the blade drops into the stone and a ratcheting lock holds this new depth while it makes the cut.

Sinkmate Chopper CS6

Chopper has adjustable guides to follow the edge of a template. These guides can change the distance between the blade and the template. Chopper rolls easily on custom made stainless steel ball casters.

  • Dimensions --  17" L x 16" W x 17" H  
  • Machine weight --  25 lbs
  • Motor --  Makita 9564CV
  • Blade size --  6" (150mm) Contour Blade
  • Motor rpms / amps --  2800-10500 / 12amps

Description on How to Use

     After positioning and clamping the template on the stone, place Chopper at the 12 o'clock position (faucet end) on the template so the guide fences are against the inside edge of the template's hole. Turn on the water and grinder motor, then turn the pawl counter clockwise to engage the ratchet lock, and slowly squeeze the handles until the blade is approximately 1/4" into the stone. Now move the machine in a clockwise direction keeping the guide fences against the inside edge of the template. Return to the 12 o'clock position and plunge the blade again another 1/4" by squeezing the handles and move the machine around the template. Repeat this step 2 or 3 more times until the blade is at full depth.
     For your kitchen style sinks with right angle corners, place Chopper on the template that is clamped to the stone. Chopper should always be cutting left to right or in a clockwise direction. Starting on the left side of the corner, plunge the blade 1/4" into the stone, moving the machine while following the template around the corner. Now move Chopper back to the left, to the starting point, plunge the blade another 1/4" into the stone and move Chopper to the right around the corner. Return Chopper back to the starting point and repeat these steps until the blade is at full depth. Now release the ratchet lock and the blade will retract out of the stone ready to move Chopper to the next corner.


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